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The only service you will ever need to meet your company IT requirements.

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f9 Virtual Cloud Datacentre

Expand your business with our "Virtual Datacenter" where you will get the leading edge you need in today's IT industry. With this service you can deploy servers, Firewalls and private vLan's as needed. You can manage IP's and server permissions, delete as needed and enjoy one convenient bill at the end of the month.

:: Deploy servers as needed from 5-10 minute install time.
:: Destroy unused servers at any time with no charge.
:: Deploy Firewalls and create private vlans with 100% access to the firewall.
:: Create and maintain custom server templates to deploy from.
:: Maintain CD-ROM iso catalog and attach to any server when needed.
:: Manage servers using built in remote KVM.
:: Brand the panel using your company header footer and logo.
:: Create users and provide 100% Private label access for server management.
:: Dedicated IPv4 Subnet allocation Reasigned via ARIN to your company.

We offer the ability to build private vLans using firewalls in a few clicks for a complete package to your virtual datacenter.

:: Deploy a Firewall in minutes with 100% access to Firewall.
:: Create vLan's and Use DHCP in your vLAN
:: Deploy Servers directly to a DHCP vLan.
:: Create a remote office using a VPN Lots more!

f9 Virtual Datacentre is all about automation.

:: Automatic Server network and password configuration.
:: Automatic Reverse DNS for IP to hostname resolution.
:: Automatic Private vLan and default firewal configuration.

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