Rack I

$ 299/month

Quater Rack 11U

Quater Rack (11 U)
6A 208v Power
100 mbit Internet
IP's Free

Rack II

$ 459/month

Half Rack 21U

Half Rack (22 U)
10A 208v Power
100 mbit Internet
IP's Free

Rack III

$ 699/month

Full Rack 42U
Full Rack (44 U)
15A 208v Power
1000 mbit Internet
IP's Free



Build your own
Up to multi-rack
Up to 200A 208v
Up to 10gb Internet
Up to /19 IPv4 Block

f9 Private Rack

Scalable Secure Rack Space.

f9 Servers provides robust datacenter rack co-location services designed to scale as your business grows. We provide state of the art infrastructure with a 100% redundant design to maximize reliability for your mission critical business needs. We offer this service with a 100% Uptime guarantee backed by our Co-Lo SLA for 151 Front St Toronto.


Co-Location Benefits

When you co-locate your servers and equipment you get a lot of benefits which will improve your service uptime by using our fast reliable network connectivity, enhanced conditioned power sources UPS protected in a redundant configuration, AC Cooling for the perfect operating conditions and direct access to skilled server/network specialists. By Co-locating your servers not only will you lower your cost but will will have the availability to offer a higher level SLA to your customers.